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Pro Advice For Las Vegas Travelers

Vegas Travelers

Every vacationer travels to Sin City at least once because it’s a place that you just can’t miss. However, it is not for novice travelers. It would be beneficial to know the ins and outs, to not get lost in the sparkle of one lace and miss out on all the other things. You have to plan it just right to enjoy all that Vegas have to offer. So, read these great tips to assist you in your carefully planned vacation:

Walking Time

Casinos in Vegas give an illusion like a desert mirage of being closer to each other. Estimate walking time correctly.

Bellagio Fountains

The pedestrian bridge crossing the Strip at Bally’s has the best view of Bellagio fountains. The show starts every 15 minutes and lasts for 5 minutes. Find your spot at the end of one show and you will be camera ready for the next one from start.

Money Hungry Cabbies

Ask your taxi driver to not take the tunnel because it is a well-known Vegas trick to charge most out of a fair.

Use Crosswalk

The Strip is the busiest street and dangerous while crossing. Look out and cross only at the intersections or at the elevated crosswalks known as pedestrian bridges.

Choose Resort Carefully

Decide on a resort with the most facilities and activities because the in house charges for spa, golf, pool, etc are definitely lower than at independent services. Like the Westgate Las Vegas has most for the right activities in house that you can sign up for and avail.

Late Night Pizza Joints

Check out secret Pizza at the Cosmopolitan for late night craving after hitting the clubs. It is on the third floor of the Cosmopolitan and by the exit of Marquee Nightclub.

Drinks Are On-House

All the best resorts and casinos offer free drinks. It is to keep you filled and gambling. So, try casinos with free drinks but do tip.

Safeguard Your Luggage

With all the sparkle and excitement of Vegas, people usually lose track of their hand carries and other stuff like phone, ID, sunglasses, etc. If you are drunk then you are just making it easy for thieves. Never put important thing in an easy to reach pocket and never set stuff around you especially at the slots.

Must Visit Downtown Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is absolutely fun. It extends beyond the Fremont Street Experience. Continue walking after the end of the Fremont Street and experience Fremont East District. There you can find hippest bars and restaurants of Downtown Las Vegas. Also see the offbeat shopping center built exclusively from shipping containers with a giant praying mantis breathing fire at night.

Avoid Heat

Vegas lie in the middle of the desert so the weather is harsh there. But on the inside it’s always chilly. Plan your day around it and stay indoors at casinos, theaters, restaurants, etc during the day and explore outdoors at night.

Taxi Time

Always expect to find a cab after more waiting time than you would generally expect. So, while scheduling your night outs or departures allow ample waiting time.

Vegas For Solo Woman’s Vacation

Las Vegas is not all gambling and strip shows. It’s a great vacation destination for women traveling solo. This city offers a lot of fun activities that appeal to most and the 24/7 alive nature of this city means that you can always find something for yourself regardless what schedule your internal clock is following.


Vegas is truly addictive and gets you hooked so much so that you start planning your next trip before your even leave. So, keep a list of places you have been so you only revisit the absolute best and get to explore new stuff too.

Use these tips to let yourself off the hook for bad decisions. Besides you should only make the ones acceptable in Sin City, Las Vegas.

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