LEI Registration Steps

LEI Registration Steps


These guidelines enable greater transparency and security for all individuals and companies trading in securities.  However, it also means that trade is possible only if these individuals or companies present a valid LEI, i.e. a legal entity identifier. This applies not only to banks or brokers, but also to companies that hold securities as part of their corporate assets.  Companies include legal entities (Limited, Inc., etc.) as well as freelancers and self-employed individuals.

What Is The Function Of LEI?

LEIs uniquely represent the legal or commercially active natural individual within the financial system worldwide.  Once issued, the legal entity number can be used to legitimize “legal entity” in financial transactions or usage matters.

Securities trading companies should report the relevant LEI number to the National Supervisory Authority whenever there is a trade. As such, LEI acts as a unique identifier and mechanism for preventing anonymous trade.

What Information Is Required To Register For LEI?

Our platform is built on the principles of PbD (Privacy by Design) and complies with the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Where possible, we have reduced the input required for the LEI application.  Because we have access to a variety of data sources, your company’s general master data is usually sufficient for us to complete LEI registration.

Where Can I Apply For LEI?

Right here!  Visit leiservice.com & do the needful. LEI numbers much easier and much faster. The online LEI application form requires only your company name and location. We also accept renewal or

transfer of existing LEI numbers.

Register Your lei in 3 steps.

*Log in or create a user account. To apply for LEI, log in to your existing account or create a new user account.  Let’s get started now!

*Submit request. Complete the secure online LEI application form.  Let’s get started now!

*Get your LEI. Local experts verify your information and assign and publish your LEI.

What is LEI? Is it mandatory in the UK?

Legal entity identifier

legal entity identifier is a unique 20-letter long code number based on the iso 17442 standard developed by the international organization for standardization (iso). with the help of lei, the necessary information about the parties involved in financial transactions can be easily referenced. it serves as a global directory that provides much needed transparency, ownership structure details and relevant details of the parties involved for the benefit of all concerned.

LEI code Update

An LEI code is usually valid for one year.  To continue using the code, it must be renewed through the application form.  It can be found on the same online portal; The only difference this time is choosing the “Edit and Renew” option, not the “Register” option.  Again, any change to this section would require the authorized person to do so.  In the form, after entering the LEI code, all the details appear automatically.  Any changes that need to be made will be made.  The “LEI Renewal” checkbox must be marked correctly and then the same process of form completion, payment and document submission will be followed. Upon successful submission of all of the above, the LEI code is renewed, and confirmation is received.


The fact that a significant number of corporations are engaged in window dressing and debt concealment in order to raise more money than ever before and attract investors to the company was a disaster. This development eventually led to the need for a system such as the Legal Entity Identification System.