6 Ways to Know You’ve Found the Right House


It’s only natural to wary when shopping around for a new home. Most importantly, buying a home is an enormously significant investment, and you will definitely want to ensure that the decision you make is the right one. How you know you have narrowed down to the ideal property can vary from person to person. Some home-owners have a gut feeling, while others may require a bit more to get convinced. Here are some indicators that can assist in determining whether you have located the right property suited for you.

The moment you enter, the home embraces you.

Within three seconds of stepping into the house, you will know if it gives off a comforting and warm feel. Do you feel like it’s talking to you? Is it inviting you to explore? Do you feel like it’s home? If this is how you’re feeling, then chances are it is the one.

Don’t feel awkward while in the bathroom.

There are times when home-buyers get a funny feeling near a bathroom and get uncomfortable walking in the room even. They will prefer standing from the outside by the door frame and poke their heads for a snoop. You will know it is your home when you can get in the bathroom and feel the need to open the shower handle or hit the vanity marble.

You start envisioning the furniture arrangement.

Chances are that it may be your home if you begin envisioning your bed in a certain position against the wall immediately after walking into the master bedroom, not just from seeing the floor plan sketch. You have already gotten reeled if you start thinking about how the window in the living room is an ideal location for placing a Christmas tree. Or perhaps you have already seen yourself pulling up the street as you head home after the rigours of the day. Maybe there’s a neighbour playing Frisbee catch with their dog, and it dawns on you S/he may be someone you wish to know more about. Neighbourhood also counts as furniture placement.

It checks all your boxes.

The amenities in the property may not fulfil everything in your wish list, but it satisfies the standard requirements. It has the space and the number of rooms you require. Perhaps it doesn’t feature a garage, and after getting enlightened, you realise that purchasing a home with a garage isn’t that important to you. You know that you can construct a garage if and when you want one. If you feel you can be flexible, it’s a good signal.

You want to stop your search for other homes.

After all the houses you’ve been on the search for no longer appeal, you compare them to this one and still don’t measure up. A previously rated number two house has fallen to number 8 since they are pale compared to this one.

Can’t wait to brag

Have you already taken a few pictures and already posted them on Instagram? Did you text friends in your group or have texted your mum regarding the home? You may have found the right one if you feel excited after the first walk-through of the place.