AAPL News for Iphone 12 and Everything Related to it


Recently Apple (apple stock price) disclosed the information on the release of the new 5G technology implemented iPhone 12 series. This has also created new hopes for investors to invest in stocks for the iPhone 12 series, which will start their production soon. YouTube the loss of 20% from purchasing, please split stock from Apple recently during the end of August, investors have not yet lost hope and are still optimistic about purchasing stocks for the new iPhone.

Apple Shares Between August to the Month of September

In the month of August and September, Apple had started to allow investors to buy their split stocks. Being encouraged to purchase the stocks investors had invested in buying those spread stocks, which unfortunately resulted in them suffering from a loss. You do this the shares of Apple reached a peak of 137.98 dollars do you think the early September because the stock exchange was high during the end of August for split stocks for Apple. Shortly after the rate of shares and stocks for Apple.

IPhone 12 Series Influence on Apple Stocks

It is definitely one of the biggest innovations and achievement for Apple. But the launch of the iPhone 12 series has made Apple lose $81 billion dollars, which is equivalent to 4% of its market value.

The stock for the current iPhone 12 this lacks enough judgment of the reaction that the market will reflect once the iPhone 12 is ready for purchase by the public.

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The iPhone 12 has been built in such a way that it is made to be better than its predecessors and it has lots of new updates in comparison to its predecessors. One of the notable and remarkable characteristics and or aspects of the iPhone 12 would be the 30-minute waterproof resistance under the depth of 6 meters instead of four meters like it was in its previous models.

The iPhone 12 mini is created to become one of the most affordable iPhone 12 and will be much more widely used by Apple users. The iPhone 12 mini will make a timely entry in the market, and it will have a 5G ecosystem that will be soon available in several countries across the globe.

What are the Latest IPhones in the IPhone 12 Series?

Apple has introduced four iPhone models to be sold under the name of iPhone 12, and they will be an in addition to the iPhone 12 series. They are as follows iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Maxand iPhone 12.

If you want to buy the Apple stock, you can check its balance sheet at https://www.webull.com/balance-sheet/nasdaq-aapl.