Child Molestation Defense

Child Molestation Defense

A child molestation defense attorney should be familiar with the facts surrounding child molestation. While a jury and prosecutors often believe a child if the accusations are made when he or she was a child, a good defense attorney will look for signs of bad behavior on behalf of the defendant.

Accusations Of Child Molestation Are Based On Infantile Fantasy

Child molesters tend to have adult female partners regardless of the type of sexual behavior they commit. While attempts to classify child molesters as homosexual or heterosexual are not reliable, Willis noted that many child molesters offend both male and female children. Moreover, many of these perpetrators exhibit no outward signs of homosexuality.

Historically, child molestation has been a largely male-dominated activity. While women often abuse children at the encouragement or instigation of a male partner, some researchers argue that the prevalence of female sexual abusers is under-recognized. However, most child abuse statistical reports do not give a breakdown by gender.

Challenge The Credibility Of Testimony In Child Molestation Cases

A defense attorney can challenge the credibility of testimony in child molestation case by asking probing questions. The questions can be general or specific. General questions are meant to cast doubt on the witness’s testimony, while specific questions are intended to point out inconsistencies in the child’s statements. Examples of specific credibility challenges include omissions of details, additions of details, or contradictions between the child’s current testimonies and previous testimonies.

The credibility of the witness’s testimony can be challenged if the witness has false information or is lying about the nature of the abuse. Child molesters tend to have cognitive distortions that convince them that they have a caring role and an intimate relationship with the child. For instance, they often report that the purpose of their sexual intercourse with the child is to teach the child about sex, give them pleasure, or demonstrate their love. The child molester’s cognitive distortions are a defense mechanism to excuse his or her deviant behavior.

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Identifying A Pedophile

Many people have a difficult time identifying a pedophile, a criminal who molests children. This is largely due to a misconception about the nature of pedophiles. While they do exhibit sexual behaviors, they may not have an innate attraction to children. They may use grooming techniques to gain access and trust.

The accusation of child molestation can come from many sources. For instance, it could be a well-meaning teacher or neighbor who misunderstands a child’s behavior. Or, it could be a vindictive spouse or bitter stepchild who is enraged at the new spouse. Occasionally, an accusation of child molestation arises due to inappropriate sexual behavior. Regardless of the source, an experienced child molestation defense attorney can help.

Identifying a pedophile can be difficult, but it is not impossible. This psychopathic individual may have trouble controlling his or her urges. Oftentimes, a pedophile will be physically abusive toward a child or an adult. In addition to being physically violent, he or she may engage in sexual activity that is illegal and potentially harmful. In many cases, the victim of a pedophile may experience extreme humiliation and stigma.


Stigma is a common issue in child molestation cases. This kind of case is often the subject of inflammatory headlines and bitter courtroom battles. The accuser is not always credible, and the accuser may have an agenda. Sometimes, the alleged abuse is not even related to the child at all. This makes it all the more important to have an attorney on your side.

Stigma can have a devastating effect on a child. It can affect the child’s ability to hold an adult responsible for inappropriate behavior. In addition, a child may develop a self-concept of shame, guilt, and helplessness. The child may even begin to lose trust in his own body. As a result, he or she may be prone to other psychiatric problems, including aggression and promiscuity.

Mandatory Registration On California’s Sex Offender Registry

If you are being accused of sexual misconduct against children, you may be wondering what you can do to challenge mandatory registration on California’s sex offfenders registry. In California, if you commit a felony against a minor, you will need to be registered on the sex offender registry. Registration is a legal requirement, and it can have a severe impact on your life.

California law requires that you register on the sex offender registry each year. This means that if you move, become homeless, or have a child molestation case, you’ll have to notify the last place you registered. If you fail to inform the last place you registered, you can be found guilty and convicted.