Football Betting Explained

Football Betting Explained

The best lines on the market for football betting are offered by พนันบอลออนไลน์. These offers can be combined with great temporary and ongoing deals to make it a very worthwhile investment.

Don’t bet on football with any bookie. Instead of placing a bet on “0-0”, bet instead on “no goal scorers”. These lines are often the same odds but do not include your goals.

This article will talk about the best places to place betting on football. We also discuss betting strategy and rules.

Best Football Betting

This market may be the most well-known, but it is also the biggest. The bookies offer lower margins and can even offer lines free of charge to customers.

The odds of scoring the first goal fall between 3/1 to 50/1 for top strikers and 50/1 for one-goal season defenders. This is apparent in the price.

The best offers and deals in the market are here. Always check odds comparison websites to see the latest offers and news.

Last Football Betting(LFB)

The market for the last goal scorer is very similar to the one for the first. It is still a good bet, especially for people who are betting on outsiders.

It is less likely for a defender to score first than a player, and players are more likely take higher risks at the end of a game. There won’t be many deals.

Anytime Football Betting(AFB)

Anytime is the second most popular line for goal scorers. This line is a big online phenomenon. You would normally have to ask about odds. This is an attractive alternative to FGS and LGS betting.

FGS and LGS have lower odds than football betting lines. This is because the backer has the whole game to score, not just the goal-scoring section. If the backer is a goal scorer at all times, they can win the bet.


A One Stop Football Betting Guide – FIFPlay

This line can be combined with other bets because it has lower odds. Bookies also offer special markets such as anytime goal scorers like ‘player X can score any time’ or ‘both teams can score’.

The AGS lines can be as competitive as FGS so it’s worth looking around.

No Football Betting

You can bet that nobody will score in a match. However, the odds are not very good and there isn’t much price variation. I’ve never seen zero goal scorer offers.

You can also refer to the section below about 0-0 betting vs. no football betting. This is an example where you might consider using this market.

Top Football Betting

This bet is second most popular at the start of a tournament or league แทงบอลออนไลน์. It can even be used by bookies as a loss leader in order to bring players on board for the whole tournament.

Wait until the league or tournament starts before placing your wager.

A Football Player Must Play 2

If you think the player will score more goals, this bet could be a great way to increase your odds of winning. You won’t get a payout if the player scores only one goal. These bets offer excellent odds.

Betfred offers Double Delight/ Hattrick Heaven, which doubles or triples the chances of winning, even though the odds are lower than directly betting.

Football Betting Accumulator Bets,

A football betting bet can be combined with other bets, as long as they are not linked. For more information, see our wincast or scorecast articles.

It’s Not About The Player

While this bet isn’t the most popular, it is still available at many betting sites with a large market.

Contact your bookie if the market isn’t offered. Even if the market isn’t competitive, they will usually give you odds.