How To Check For A Warrant Online

How To Check For A Warrant Online

Would you like to learn how to check for a warrant online? It is not very difficult if you know where to look and what steps to take. Whether you are checking on a warrant for yourself, or somebody else, finding out if a warrant is in place is a lot easier than it used to be thanks to search engines and information providing websites like SpyFly. Learn how to find warrant information instantly. Could you be in danger? What can you do?


First, Gather All Of Your Information

When you begin to check for a warrant online you want to be sure that the information you have regarding the person with the supposed warrant is accurate. You can use Google to do searches and find as much information on the person as you can. You can also take advantage of some free search results from sites like United States Court Records.  It will help you to know the full name and hopefully the birth date of the person for the best results. With a little bit of work, you should have no problem finding these details, even if you have to contact them personally and ask.

Warrant search details you need to get reliable results are:


  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Alias Names
  • City
  • State
  • Birthdate
  • County of Offense (Where Crime took Place)

Next, Check The County Records Website

One way to check for a warrant online is to check the county records website. If you know where the offense took place that could have resulted in a warrant find the website for that county and look for a searchable area. This means you may have to do a little extra work to find out where the search area is. But most county websites have a place where you can punch in a name and find records. Most states use a court system that is anchored within the county of offense (With the exception of Louisiana, which is divided by “parishes” and Alaska which has “boroughs”). If you have trouble with this don’t give up there are other ways to check for warrants online. Keep reading.


Check For A Warrant With Google

If your county records search ends up without any results you can always use the information you have to perform a series of Google searches with different queries. Google is very powerful and if you ask the right questions, you could end up with the answers you are looking for. For instance, you already have all of the information you need for the search, so use the whole first and last name in a search but use “warrants for…” in the string. If your person’s name is Jelly Bean, query Google with “Warrants for Jelly Bean…” You can toy around with the string until you find something usable. Maybe you could use “Arrest history for Jelly Bean in whatever county…” You would be surprised by some of the information you can find out about a person with just a simple Google search. Some of the strings you can use are:


  • Check for a warrant for…
  • Outstanding warrant for…
  • Arrest warrant for…
  • Pending cases for…
  • Criminal history for…

Check For A Warrant Online With Spyfly

The above methods are suitable and have the potential to help you check for a warrant online, but SpyFly is an effective way that does all of the work for you. If the person has a warrant anywhere you can find out in an instant without having to comb through the internet for hours.   In less than a couple of minutes, you will have your answers, and much more. 

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