How To Take Care Of Your New Conservatory


So, you’ve just invested in getting a new conservatory built and you’re really looking forward to relaxing in the sun. Conservatories can be amazing for socializing and relaxing, whether you’re planning to entertain guests or just hoping to sit and enjoy yourself reading a book on a nice day.

It takes work to keep your conservatory looking good, though, so you’ll need to take good care of it. Here we discuss a few of the most important ways of maintaining your conservatory so that you always have it to enjoy. Remember these tips and make a habit of taking good care of your conservatory, performing maintenance throughout the year.

Good Ventilation Is a Must

Ventilation is vital to make sure that your conservatory looks and smells good and remains in good condition. It also helps to keep the conservatory at the right temperature – letting fresh air in and taking advantage of gentle breezes to keep the conservatory fresh. It also helps to get rid of condensation by getting replacement UPVC windows.

Use trickle vents to keep airflow going, and open the doors and windows on days when it’s warm enough to do so. This will help you avoid mold and mildew.

Seal any Cracks

While ventilation is important, sealing can also be important. Use mastic sealing to cover cracks or openings so that the conservatory doesn’t get too cold in the winter months. The sealing will help to keep bugs out too. Small pests can get in through even the smallest gaps!

Take care when cleaning your conservatory. Pressure washers can damage the integrity of sealing, so it’s better to be gentle and use a sponge and gentle spray instead.

Clean those Windows

One of the nicest things about conservatories is enjoying the sun. Get your windows cleaned regularly, or clean them yourself if you have the time. Wipe your windows down with a damp, lint-free cloth once a week. Then use a soft sponge or a squeegee to clean the windows every month or two.

Modern conservatories should have double glazing with a coating that makes them easy to clean, but ‘easy’ does not mean ‘no maintenance’. Cleaning your windows regularly is essential.

Take Care of The Door Hinges

If you have hinged doors, make sure that they are well-lubricated. Metal parts are vulnerable to damage from dirt and from the elements. Oil-based lubricants can keep things moving nicely. If you have plastic runners or rollers, use an aerosol spray instead of oil, because oil could gum up the rollers.

Little and Often Works Best

It’s easier than you think to keep your conservatory looking stunning all year round. Take a few minutes on a regular basis to do the small jobs and your conservatory will look great for many years to come.