The Essential Home Maintenance Checklist

Home Maintenance

Want to make sure you keep up with your home maintenance throughout the year? The best thing you can do is handle responsibilities one at a time.

A small action may not seem like much, but when these actions are combined, they can build into something big. If you regularly set aside time for home upkeep, even if it’s just an hour a week or an afternoon each month, you’ll be able to keep your home in stellar condition all year long.

Just stick to this simple checklist:

Weekly Responsibilities

The tasks you need to complete each week will vary based on the type of home you have, but they could include these responsibilities:

Vacuum your carpets thoroughly. If you have wood flooring, you should clean those floors with a dust mop.

Set aside time for bathroom upkeep. Remember, you only need to take on small tasks! A few things you could do include:

Use a Zip-It tool to clean out your drains.

Repair tile grout that’s damaged.

Every week, you should clean the exterior of all of your appliances and the interior of a single appliance. One week, you can clean your dryer. The next week, you can scrub your refrigerator. In the following week, you can use a cleaning tablet to ensure that your dishwasher is sparkling.

Monthly Maintenance Tasks

These kinds of projects can be difficult to get around to, but they’re worth the extra effort. Try to set aside one afternoon each month to handle these kinds of tasks!

Clean your furnace filter. If necessary, the filter should be replaced. Regular cleanings will improve furnace performance, which means your utility bills will be lower.

Scrub your range hood and filter.

Dust your lighting fixtures, wipe baseboards clean, and give wood furniture a good polishing.

Inspect the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home to ensure they’re running properly. If new batteries are needed, you should replace them. Make sure your fire extinguisher is completely charged.

Take a look at your home’s exterior. See if you can spot any issues, such as trees or shrubs that need pruning, siding damage, or shingles that have become loose. When you see an issue, you’ll want to fix it as soon as possible.

Yearly Maintenance Tasks

These larger responsibilities only need to be handled once each year:

Take the time to clean out your loft, garage, or basement. Organise everything. While this can be a long and difficult job, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment once everything is finished. You may even find some items that you can give to charity shops or sell to someone else.

Clean your windows and your window screens. It’s most common for people to handle this job at the start of spring, but it’s a task that can be done in any season.

Choose a significant outdoor improvement project every year. Spend the weekend finishing the job. As an example, you could finish your deck, install fencing in your yard, or raise the flower beds in your garden.

Make sure your gutters are clean. If trees or shrubs are growing too close to your home, you’ll want to have them pruned or removed.

Take the time to improve one of the rooms in your house. Select a room that’s in need of a refresh. You could add a fresh coat of paint, replace the curtains, rearrange furniture, or do some decorating so that the room will look even better. If you manage to keep up with this task, you’ll have a beautiful house in a few years!

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