This is Why you Should buy UpStart Stock (NASDAQ: UPST) now

This is Why you Should buy UpStart Stock (NASDAQ: UPST) now

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Upstart has been one of the fastest-growing companies in the financial industry. With a mission to help individuals and families grow their wealth through education, Upstart offers a unique approach to investing that turns traditional finance on its head.

UpStart is a company that provides business loans for small and medium-sized companies. They offer loans at competitive rates with flexible terms and the opportunity to grow your business.

At press time, October 27, 2021 1:00 PMUpstart Holdings, Inc. stock (UPST) price is $314.50 (-3.85%), with a volume of $3.68M and a market cap of $24.46B.
Upstart Holdings, Inc. trades on the NasdaqGS with the ticker UPSTAmerica/New_York (EDT) timezone.

UPST previously closed the market at $327.08, opening today at $320.00. During the last trading session, $334.81 is the highest price UPST has reached, with $311.50 being the lowest. 52 week low is currently at $22.61, while the high is at $401.49Upstart Holdings, Inc. has 77.77M outstanding shares.

Why should I invest in UpStart stock?

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UpStart is a company that has shown a large dose of innovation and success. Since the company’s IPO in 2014, Upstart has registered a 641.85% increase in price, with an astonishing 643.53% gain in 2021.

UpStart has proven to be a reliable company.

With more than $13 million in annual revenues and over 1.3 million customers, Upstart has proven that people in small and medium-sized companies want and need their services. Furthermore, Upstart has demonstrated a fantastic track record of ROI for its customers.

And this is precisely why many venture capitalists and private equity firms have identified UpStart as a key company to invest in. Their high-profile investors include NEA, Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst Partners, Mayfield Fund, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

UpStart is taking an innovative approach in a very profitable market.

Small and medium-sized enterprises account for 98% of all businesses in the U.S. yet only receive around 2% of lending from banks. This is because these small businesses are often not profitable enough, or they may require more time to turn a profit than the typical bank is willing to give them.

Upstart offers a solution that balances speed and patience: they provide financing for cash flow needs early on while giving entrepreneurs time to grow their businesses and make more profits later on. It’s an alternative way of thinking about lending.

UpStart offers innovative investment formulas.

Upstart’s first product is the UpStart Small Business Loan Fund. With the loan fund, UpStart works with accredited investors (also called accredited investors or “angels”) looking to grow their wealth in the company’s stock.

Angel investors invest small amounts of money into startups and other small businesses, hoping to make a return through the business’s eventual success. Angel investors invest over $100,000 each on average and usually need to meet a minimum investment.

Upstart works with accredited investors to make these investments. An accredited investor’s investment in Upstart is capped at $100,000 per investment, plus any Upstart stock they already own. To date, they’ve loaned over $150 million to over 5,600 businesses.

UpStart helps companies to increase productivity.

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UPST is a leading provider of software solutions that helps organizations improve their business processes, increase productivity and streamline operations. The company’s flagship product, UPST Enterprise, has been helping organizations worldwide transition to digital workflows since 1999. From small businesses to global enterprises, these customers rely on UPST Enterprise to manage their data and provide them with an integrated platform for transformation.

UPST stock closed at $327.08 per share on October 27th, 2021. The stock has lost -10.27% in the last five days, according to Google Finance.

About UpStart

Upstart has been a company with a mission to give individuals a voice and an opportunity to invest in small and medium-sized businesses through lending. Upstart is owned by Rhode Island-based Landmark Education and launched in 2014.

The company’s original goal was to create a non-traditional loan to help students save money in college. Since then, Upstart has successfully launched its student loan lending product and started providing loans also to companies.

Since Upstart is a private lender, you’ll need a personal credit report and business credit report in order to qualify. Loan amounts range from $2,000-$25,000, with interest rates varying depending on the deal you choose.